This page was last updated June 26, 2018

Next Level Humans LLC, d.b.a. Coin Crunch, sells only digital products. For all digital products sold by Coin Crunch or its affiliates, there are no refunds.

If an individual purchases a product from Coin Crunch or its affiliates, requests for cancellation and/or refunds must be made directly to one of the owners of Coin Crunch, Dan Fries or Sia Mohajer.

Our current product lineup includes:

Coin Crunch Insiders Group

Coin Crunch Insiders (“CCI”) is private, invite-only membership group. The purpose of which is professional networking and financial information-sharing. The current full price of CCI is $250/month.

Crypto Intel Newsletter

Crypto Intel is a subscription-based, monthly research product. The current pricing tiers for Crypto Intel are $29/month, $69/month, $299/year, and $599/year.