Don Ho from Quantstamp on Smart Contract Security and Automated Auditing Protocol

Don Ho runs business development for Quantstamp.

Quantstamp is an automated security auditing protocol for smart contracts. The team is currently focused on Ethereum smart contracts, but the protocol they are building is meant to be malleable enough to be transferred to other platforms such as EOS, NEO, QTUM and ADA. Quanstamp’s competitors are mostly manual smart contract auditing teams. Quantstamp is working towards full automation. Using formal verification coupled with manual auditing techniques for extensive audits.

In this episode of The Crunch we speak with Don about smart contracts,  security in crypto space, full automated audits Don’s favorite projects and contrarian thoughts and much more.

Listen to this interview and learn:

  • why security should be prioritzed over scalability
  • how does Quantstamp audit smart contracts
  • what are some known bug of smart contracts
  • what is safe math library
  • how are smart contracts different from mobile apps in term of updating security

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