Seth Rubin On Understanding Crypto Derivatives

Seth Rubin is the founder of Market Protocol.

Market Protocol has been created to provide a secure, flexible, open source foundation for decentralized trading on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides the pieces necessary to create a decentralized exchange, including the requisite clearing and collateral pool infrastructure, enabling third parties to build applications for trading.

In this episode of The Crunch we speak with Seth about derivatives, not just in crypto context but Seth explains us a lot about how they work  and what they are. We also discuss the future of crypto market, at what stage it is compared to other asset classes and what kind of investors are there.

Listen to this interview and learn:

  • What are derivatives and how do they work
  • What will they bring to crypto market
  • What kind of investors are in crypto space and how will that change
  • What is the oracle and what is its functionality

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  1. Sorry but the first 10 min were just nonsense and the next 5 min were boring. That was enough wasted time. I will not buy housing derivatives instead hearing about how this market can manipulate the Crypto marking like they do long time in gold and silver market would be interesting. Cheers anyway

    1. Thanks for the feedback – definitely room for improvement on our end. Appreciate you tuning in

  2. Im going to disagree with the other comment made, I think this is a very relevant topic in a young market and interesting to observe the coming derivatives that will arrive into the crypto space. I didn’t see much room for improvement in this podcast, informative, interesting and forward looking.

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