Kyle Samani On Token Velocity Problem, Risk Adjusted Investing And The Web 3 Stack

Kyle Samani runs Multicoin Capital, a crypto asset hedge fund, with his cofounder Tushar Jain.

Kyle previously founded Pristine, raised over $5M in venture capital, built a team to nearly 30, and built the business to 7-figures of revenue.

In this episode of The Crunch we speak with Kyle about the current investment thesis in Multicoin Capital, some of the mistakes institutional investors make, token velocity and much more

Listen to this interview and learn:

  • How to create a risk-adjusted portfolio
  • What is the token velocity
  • What are the types of stable coins and what is their future
  • More about consensus layer
  • What is the ideal ratio of technical vs. business development in the team
  • What are the predictions on the crypto market

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