Is Bitcoin Mining Actually Profitable in 2018?

Josh Metnick is the CEO and founder of Random Crypto.

Random Crypto is a blockchain company that does a lot of… random things. They have an all-star team with experience from a variety of industries, and they just released a new calculator for calculating the profitability of bitcoin mining.

The calculator will improve on the calculators out there, which don’t tell the full truth on whether mining equipment is worth buying and using.

In this episode of The Crunch, we speak with Josh and the Random Crypto team about the state of crypto mining industry, companies in the space and what many people don’t know about bitcoin mining.

Listen to this interview and learn:

  • How is their calculator different from others.
  • Who can use their calculator.
  • How does the price of hardware affect the profits?
  • How does proof of stake works in mining?
  • What is cloud mining and the risk associated with it?
  • What would be the best way to start mining with $10,000?
  • What are ASICs?
  • What are the most profitable coins to mine?
  • What miner would Kevin buy now?
  • Where is the space headed in 3-5 years?

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