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Hey everyone! I’m Windra. I’m the Senior Analyst and Director of Deal Flow for Coin Crunch. I grew up in Los Angeles, California, and moved to South East Asia around late 2015 to run operations for a manufacturing plant.

Managing operations at a younger age in a foreign culture was challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I learned a lot about day-to-day business activites, and experienced a ton of personal growth.

Fast forward two and a half years later, our company receives a generous offer from the local government, and we sold it. It was a bittersweet moment, but life doesn’t wait for anyone, and we have to move forward.

I started getting interested in cryptocurrency and my very first investment in early 2017. It wasn’t until a few months later that I really began reading and researching blockchain technology.

Blockchain was a combination of the two things that interested me the most: Technology & Finance. I spent weeks just reading and watching videos about project after project. The more I understood, the more confidence I had in making investment decisions.

I joined the Coin Crunch team, because I enjoyed the style of their videos. After talking to Dan and Sia a few times, I realized that we shared the approach and vision towards the impact we think blockchain could bring to the world.

Besides Coin Crunch, I do a few speaking events periodically to educate the general public. I attend a lot of blockchain seminars and events to try and connect with like-minded individuals.

I’m always up for a conversation with anyone about the tech or finance. Feel free to hit me up!

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Hi everybody! I’m Truong, a Senior Analyst for Coin Crunch. Before working for Coin Crunch, my professional career has always been in the IT space.

I had obtained a Diploma in IT that majored in Applications Programming, learnt how to program in C, C++, BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, Visual Basic and Delphi.

This allowed me to land a job as an IT professional at a bank. During my time there, I hit my ceiling as a programmer. My interest in other IT areas started to grow and I moved into new roles and continued to learn on the job.

After a period of time, I decided to go back to University, where I obtained a Masters of Networking and System Administration. This gave me a complete understanding of IT and how it all fits together.

Late 2017 I discovered cryptocurrency and block chain. I initially didn’t understand what all the excitement was about, but upon doing some research and watching “Banking on Bitcoin”, I was immediately obsessed.

With my IT background, I could see how this technology could disrupt but at the same time improve our existing systems.

I found it difficult to find information that is concise and reliable until I came across Coin Crunch. After speaking to Dan and Sia I discovered we all spoke NERD! I’m now on the team and the rest is history.

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Aloha! I’m Geno, a Senior Analyst for Coin Crunch. I grew up in the Eastern part of the United States but I’ve lived in Tokyo and Honolulu for a number of years.

I’ve got an extensive background in IT over the last 25+ years ranging across mainframes, distributed systems, applications and all areas of IT infrastructure.

I’ve spent a vast part of my career in project management and other general management functions.

I was introduced to Bitcoin in late 2016 but didn’t invest until late 2017. Since then I’ve been investing and reading up on the technology and as a part of that research ran across the work that Dan and Sia are doing. I enjoyed their fact-based videos and jumped at the chance to join their team in March.

I see blockchain as not only the newest advancement in technology but also a societal change agent that we’ve only just begun to feel its influence.

I’m always up for a chat or discussion – please feel free to reach out to me.


What´s up crypto-guys! My name is Jesús, Im a Senior Analyst for Coin Crunch. I was born in Spain and I have been moving around my whole life.

I have always been truly passionate about maths, physics, science and technology in general.

I believe that progress equals happiness. Therefore to achieve economic progress in my life I started investing in both Stock Markets and Indexed Funds for a while.

Studying security engineering combined with my growing interest in finance was the perfect combination to fall in the claws of Crypto. Blockchain caught my attention and after studying and reading and researching as much as I could, I found Coin Crunch.

Their vision, the way they understand this new economic and societal revolution made me push hard to get a place on the team in order to help them to bring to the community the best possible content in the space.

Please, feel free to contact me whenever you want, it will be a pleasure to chat, share and learn with you.


What’s up, I’m Eric and I’m a part of the Coin Crunch crew! My first encounter with crypto was way back in early 2014 when I first got my hands on bitcoin – alas I had weak hands back then and I let bitcoin slip through my fingers and didn’t HODL!

Jumping ahead a few years I was re-exposed to crypto in 2017 and this time around I actually read the Bitcoin whitepaper and my mind was blown! Having a finance and economics background with a slight libertarian bent I immediately saw how powerful this new technology could be for society.

The interdisciplinary fields of trading, markets, psychology, economics, technology, and marketing sucked me down the rabbit hole quicker than anything has ever done before and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that most my days now simply consist of eating, drinking, sleeping, meditating, and crypto.

Prior to taking the crypto red pill I ran an Amazon Kindle Publishing business and found that in publishing – just as in any industry – there are generally scammers and BS artists to be found with crypto being no exception.

This is what drew my initial attention and interest to Coin Crunch as Dan and Sia are as real and as genuine as it gets in an industry that is generally filled with a whole load of fluff and BS.