What’s up guys. I’m Sia. A little bit of background about me. I’ve had a pretty diverse background before getting into the blockchain space.

Like Dan I had a background in academic research, after completing my B.Sc and MA in neuropsychology and education psychology I moved over to Taiwan where I taught for 4 years at a private school.

I studied Chinese full-time for a few years and got really obsessed with how the language works and the history behind it. I had a very strong understanding of the language within about a year.

From there I transitioned into online businesses via a long string of unsuccessful online ventures. I had some really stupid ideas…. like really stupid. At the end of the day I ended up building an SEO agency and SEO services company which at its peak had over 70 clients. I liked the money but hated doing sales and dealing with clients.

Fast forward a few years and I had transitioned mostly to affiliate marketing in the online privacy and hosting space. Still I wasn’t satisfied, at least, intellectually and I decided to start writing. Some daily journal writing quickly turned into a full time obsession and a year and a half later I had 5 published books.

While it was fun writing, Amazon is definitely not the place to sell books about cognitive psychology, logical fallacies and how to improve your ability to think better. If you want to see my books, here they are. 

It wasn’t until early 2017 that I discovered the blockchain world. I immediately found it extremely interesting and it was the culmination of everything nerdy that I had loved/done/invested my time in. I was hooked.

Problem was… it was hard to find good information.

Every time I looked around, read anything or watched Youtube videos I thought to myself, “how are people listening to these ass clowns“. The Youtube-sphere was the worst with self-proclaimed gurus popping up everywhere.

So I decided to start Coin Crunch.

At first I just wanted to make some videos and talk about technology and I received a pretty welcoming response from people who were refreshed to hear a perspective that didn’t involve just reading a free Linkedin profile for the first time and shouting “ALL STAR”.

A perspective that actually involved using some of your brain to analyze projects. I’m not saying we are the best, but we sure as hell try to look at the tech from all angles. We’re also fortunate enough to be doing well in our other businesses to not require sponsorship from whatever useless-shitcoin-of-the-week-all-star-team project.

So that’s my background. I went from being a educational psychologist (almost) to a teacher to a writer to an entrepreneur to now running a community of badass Coin Crunchers (like yourselves).

That’s it.

My mission at CC is simple, bring people together and create the best online crypto community in the world. No BS, no hype, no promising of “freedom” through crypto wealth.

Rant over. Thanks for listening. 🙂

What’s up guys, I’m Dan. I’m a scientist turned entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Coin Crunch. Before working on Coin Crunch, I studied medicine and authored three papers in the field of translational oncology research.

I’ve been building online publishing businesses since 2012, focusing on emerging trends in science and technology. My interest in world-changing technology naturally led me to the blockchain, which stoked my interest after acquiring his my bitcoin in 2013.

I’m a bitcoin maximalist, and believe that most altcoins will trend to zero in the long run (with a few exceptions). I enjoy learning about the underlying economics of cryptonetworks, identifying the fundamentals which give them intrinsic value.

I believe that the vast majority of information in the crypto space is complete bulls**t, and that most people are falling victim to get-rich-quick schemes.

Together with Sia, we’re building Coin Crunch into the best crypto community in the world — a tight group of intelligent blockchain investors who understand technology and its implications on cryptoeconomics.

When I’m not reading whitepapers, I like reading sci-fi books and doing yoga.